Vein-derful authentication

AuthentiBlood is the first passwordless authentication experience with built-in fraud prevention and bot mitigation capabilities.

Stop using those bloody passwords. Log in with a prick of your finger instead. Pre-order your AuthentiBlood today!

Developed together with our partners at Vam-Pir Labs, AuthentiBlood offers app developers the first-ever blood-based authentication process. The service includes a state-of-the-art biometric reader that can extract a single drop of blood from the user's fingertips and process its DNA to identify the user.

Hear what others are saying:

“When I forget my passwords, I often punch the table in frustration and injure myself badly. With AuthentiBlood, just one drop of blood logs me in every time. It's a much better solution!”- Ben White.

“AuthentiBlood is a game changer for workforce authentication. Having our employees literally bleed for the company every morning ensures that they will give it their all. It does add to the banana and glucose drink budget a bit, though.”- CEO, Hustle Inc.

“I can't lie, this is a kick in the teeth for us. We need to rethink all automation-based credential stuffing attacks and divert our resources towards creating blood farms.”- Anonymous cybercriminal.

“Oh, so now this idea is getting rave reviews? How about giving some credit to the progenitor here?”- Elizabeth Holmes.